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User Security & Auditing

Billworx 6's comprehensive user security lets you and your staff know who can change what, and complete auditing tells you who changed it and when.

There are few things about your company's data more important than its security. Whether your work force consists of users from across the country or across the room, you will have complete control over who is accessing what and what they can do to it.

Each new Billworx 6 user is assigned a user code and password by your office manager. Each time that user attempts to accesses your database, they must supply both pieces of information. This login process not only allows Billworx 6 to authenticate the user, but also allows all data changes and additions made by that user to be saved for future reference and auditing.  You can also configure Billworx 6 to automatically expire a user's password.

With Billworx 6, your company will have the ability to completely manage user access and security. Remote users whose only function is a limited use of Billworx 6 can be restricted from doing anything else. For example, staff members who enter patient demographics and charges can be restricted from accessing more advanced management functions. The setup and maintenance of this field and menu-level security is configured using security profiles, which can then be assigned to whole classes of users at a time, allowing you to see at a glance what any user's privileges are.

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