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Powerful Insurance & Patient Follow-up Queues

One of the most common and severe failures in accounts receivable management is poor follow-up. If your receivables are not being monitored properly and in a timely manner, your practice is turning good receivables into write-offs. This is why follow-up is one of the main focuses of the Billworx 6 Medical Billing System. With Billworx 6 you will have the tools that you need to get your battered receivables under control and drastically improve your cash flow.

Billworx 6 offers your company the easiest to use and most powerful follow-up options in the billing field. Our follow-up queues are designed to allow you the fastest, most comprehensive follow-up available - completely automated and online.

Billworx 6 comes configured with just under 20 of the most commonly needed work queues. These include a mixture of both insurance follow-up (primary, secondary and tertiary policies - combined as well as separated by aging) and patient follow-up (based on patient due and aging). These preset insurance work queues will organize the accounts that need follow-up by insurance company, allowing for multiple inquiries on the same phone call.

In addition to the follow-up queues that are provided, Billworx 6 gives you the ability to create as many additional work queues as you need. You can define the order the patients or visits are brought up, as well as the qualifications for patients or visits to appear within each of your custom work queues. All user activity within the follow-up queues can be tracked and saved allowing for complete reporting and user auditing.

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