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Multiple Fee Schedule Support

Insurance fee schedules are nearly as varied as the insurance companies themselves. Keeping track of whether each insurance company is paying what is due could be a full-time job. With Billworx 6 your company will be able to support an unlimited number of insurance contracts.

Billworx 6's fee schedules can be configured to manage your insurance contracts in a variety of ways. Billworx 6 fee schedules give you the option to charge qualifying patients the contracted rates, regardless of the provider's standard rate. You also have the option to charge the providers' standard fee and Billworx 6 will automatically write-off an amount defined by the contract. Another option is to configure the contract to add a write-off when and if payment is made from the insurance company. The final option allows you to simply charge the provider's standard fee while still allowing your staff to determine the write-off (if any) manually.

Each of the insurance contract options are available and definable for every fee schedule. This means that with Billworx 6, you will have the flexibility to setup each contract in the way that best helps you manage that insurance company's payments and compliance.

Billworx 6 also fully supports "unit-based" billing, such as for anesthesiology. This feature enables you to bill a base rate by provider for each procedure, as well as an incremental charge for the time used.

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