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Failsafe Online Backup for Your Billworx 6 Server

Billworx is proud to offer its online fail-over backup for your Billworx 6 Medical Billing System.  Some of the benefits include:

+  Minimal downtime while your equipment is repaired. During a failure of your local equipment, your most recent complete backup (usually the night before) will be brought online for immediate access over the internet.  Once fail-over is activated your users are automatically able to access your remote hosted data via Billworx powerfull remote server.


+  No need for daily tape changes or dealing with long backup times. No worries about moving tapes off-site and keeping track of who has which tapes, or whether they’re safe.  You will no longer worry about losing yesterday's backup due to forgetting to swap out backup tapes, overwriting what might be your last good backup! With online fail-over backup Billworx stores and saves your data each night, keeping more of your daily backups on file than would be practical using magnetic tapes.


+  No expensive replacement tapes as they wear out or keeping backup tape drives clean.  In fact, your local server will have no need for expensive back-up drives.


+  More daily backups can be kept than are manageable with tape backup solutions.  Having additional data backups available can mean the difference between re-loading your data from tape in a few hours time and re-keying your data by hand!


+  Reduce repair costs for your equipment.  With online fail-over your users will be online and back to the job quickly and easily, eliminating your need for emergency or after hours hardware repair costs.  This will give you the time to properly diagnose and solve your equipment trouble.


+  Known hosting costs in the event of an emergency. Get up and running immediately instead of waiting to find out what can be done while you suffer costly downtime, no matter what turns out to be wrong with your server hardware or operating system.


+  Flat monthly fee for keeping online backups, and no need to keep track of minor growth in data size.  Most importantly, you will have no worries about out-growing your backup tape size and the costly updating of your backup drives.


+  Great primary backup plan, or supplement to your existing tape backup strategy. Either way, your valuable data is available immediately in the event of a disaster.


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