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Electronic Payment Posting

Electronic Payment Posting automates repetitive posting tasks, maximizing efficiency and minimizing error.

Payment and write-off posting from insurance EOMB's can be very tedious and time-consuming. No matter how simple and efficient the process, posting hundreds of payments and write-offs will take substantial time and effort - not to mention the time spent on the amount balancing and input correction phase.

Billworx 6 will allow your company to import complete payment details from any insurance company that supplies electronic payment files. This includes Medicare nation-wide, and other insurance carriers depending on your area. The posting of electronic payments is fully automated and generates the same helpful reports as manual input, allowing you to balance and review any payment or write-off discrepancies.

Electronic payment posting will save your company many hours and will allow you to fully automate follow-up for under-paid or rejected claims. This means that your staff will be freed up for other activities while your payments are being posted for you - accurately and quickly.

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