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Billworx 6 was designed from the ground up for efficient workflow

The amount of time required for your staff to do their job directly affects your company's bottom line. The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System is designed to maximize the amount of work your staff can accomplish while minimizing the chance for mistakes. This is accomplished using three simple principles: maximize the amount of work that can be automated by Billworx 6, eliminate any unnecessary or redundant user input and restrict user choices to only those that are appropriate and authorized.

These principles are in evidence throughout Billworx 6, from entering patient demographics to the setup of user privileges and every step in between. By concentrating on automating any and all tasks that need no active user intervention, Billworx 6 will allow you to get more work done in less time. Reducing user options to only those that are appropriate for the situation will greatly reduce the volume of rejected claims and save your company wasteful hours of follow-up and claim resubmission.

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