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Automated Letter Series

Billworx 6's Letter Series automation helps unlock your profit potential, freeing staff time to be spent on more productive tasks.

Billworx Medical Billing Systems' main focus is to reduce user workload by automation and by eliminating the need for user intervention when possible. By automating tasks Billworx 6 can greatly reduce the time it takes your staff to maintain daily operations, as well as help to eliminate costly and time-consuming errors. Billworx 6's patient letter series is just one example of the many powerful automation features offered.

Mailing statements to patients, month after month, while receiving no payment, and mailing statements to patients whose insurance bears full responsibility are just two of the money and time wasting processes that can be avoided through Billworx 6's simple and powerful automation. Billworx 6 will allow your company the option to send patients a series consisting of any number of customized statements or letters. These letters can be tailored to the individual patient financial class, the patient's primary physician or any other classification your company needs.

Patient letter series can be easily configured to handle payment arrangements, special projects or minimum balances. Letter series can also be configured to send any number of the same or different letters in almost any combination. All letter series can be set to end with either the patient's amounts due being automatically written off or sent to a specific collection agency or to simply stop sending additional statements to non-paying patients.

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