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Billworx 6's Integration of Collections Exports

Sending unpaid accounts to an outside collection agency is an integrated option for Billworx 6 users. This feature is, like most Billworx 6 features, completely definable and 100% optional. For those practices that employ or want to employ an outside collection company, our automation process can help you to negotiate lower rates.

Assigning accounts to collections can be fully automated or it can be set up to require individual, by patient approval from the patient's physician. Whether your individual practice(s) choose to automate collection turns based on aging, letter series completion, etc. or whether each patient must be individually approved, once the account is turned for collection the export is completed for you.

Each time an account is turned for collections, Billworx 6 updates the collection agency's electronic file with all the necessary information on that account. Activity and updates on accounts already turned to your collection agency are also reported within the file. This electronic file is then available for pick-up and import by the agency. In most cases this pick-up can be automated to provide a seamless and automated transfer to your outside agency.

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