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Complete Built-in 1500 and UB92 Insurance Claims

The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System is an extremely versatile billing package that will allow your company the ability to file both HCFA 1500 and UB92 insurance forms. As your company's staff enter charges, Billworx 6 will automatically generate the appropriate insurance claims for patients that have primary insurance coverage.

Billworx 6 is designed to help your company file complete and accurate insurance forms. Our workflow and data structure allow you to quickly add new charges with all the appropriate and necessary information to file your insurance claims correctly. The posting process has been developed and refined through years of client feedback and is designed around the insurance requirements.

Re-filing insurance claims is sometimes unavoidable. Input mistakes will be made and these mistakes will sometimes require insurance claims to be re-filed. With Billworx 6, you will be able to re-send or re-print insurance claims on demand. Requesting insurance claims manually is both simple and fast. Your staff will have the option to print the new claim or to allow the claim to be re-sent electronically.

Billworx Medical Billing Systems maintains insurance compliance for all 50 states. Any compliance change or addition is fully covered by Billworx's support at no additional cost to you. As changes are made in compliance requirements, Billworx's highest priority is to integrate the new regulations as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

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