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Billworx 6 - The Medical Billing Solution

The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System is the most comprehensive and automated billing package on the market today. Whether you manage a single practice or a national billing service, with Billworx 6 you will have all the function and flexibility that you need to succeed and excel.

Billworx Medical Billing Systems' goal is to provide you with a complete and integrated medical billing solution. This solution begins with Billworx 6, a medical billing system that has no equal in price or function and includes full system support, enhancements, updates and optional on-site training.

The Billworx 6 Medical Billing System provides you with streamlined and efficient processes for insurance and patient billing. Billworx Medical Billing Systems has taken input from hundreds of clinics, physicians and billing services over the past ten years to develop the most complete and efficient medical billing system on the market today.

The following is a list of some of the standard features that make the Billworx 6 Medical Billing System the best billing solution available:

Powerful Insurance & Patient Follow-up Queues

  • Patients or visits within a work queue are displayed one-by-one for user action
  • Pre-defined queues for late patient, primary, secondary and tertiary insurance payments
  • Fully user-definable for all your follow-up needs

Efficient Workflow

  • Designed and tested using extremely high-volume billing services
  • Time-saving defaults available for all data fields
  • Fully automated claim filing and statement generation

Paperless Archiving

  • Scan or import any document into your patient files
  • online document editing and version tracking
  • All system reports archived and available for review
  • Print or e-mail any archived report on demand

Integrated Scheduler

  • Automated reschedule process
  • Setup or lookup patient appointment without disrupting current work

Contract Compliance Options (Fee Schedules)

  • Support for unlimited contracts
  • Bill contract amount or standard fee for each contract
  • Write-off contractual when payment is posted option by contract
  • Up front contractual write-off option by contract

Remote User Access

  • User and doctor access via internet or modem
  • Complete system access and function available to remote users
  • Fully integrated remote access security

Electronic Payment Posting

  • Medicare and other ERA compliant payers' payments and write-offs uploaded automatically
  • Exceptions placed into follow-up queues for biller review
  • Complete detail report provided (and archived)

Insurance form support: 1500, UB92 and more

  • Automatic generation of the appropriate insurance forms based upon patient charges and patient insurance coverage
  • Complete support for both HCFA 1500 and UB92 insurance forms
  • Full integration and support for dental, ambulance, DME and anesthesia billing
  • Re-filing or printing of insurance claims at any time, on demand

Electronic Insurance Submission

  • Simple and complete electronic options for all insurance filing
  • Fully automated electronic transmission
  • Complete audit trail for all submitted insurance claims

Flexible Report Writer

  • Save and describe all reports for easy future use - complete with user instructions
  • Unlimited user-definable reports
  • All user reports can be set to archive, saving the results for future reference each time the report is generated

Comprehensive Aging

  • Automated nightly aging of total, insurance and patient amounts due
  • Total due aging from service dates, Insurance amounts due aged from claim filing dates
  • Patient due aged from date patient became responsible
  • Nightly aging reports saved in archives for all three aging categories

Automated Letter Series

  • Full-featured Letter Writer allowing unlimited user letters/statements
  • Unlimited user-definable letter series available
  • Write-off or bad-debt transfer options
  • Payment plan automation
  • Missed payment options for patients and insurance

User Security & Tracking

  • Individual users can be restricted from adding, changing and viewing any part of your data
  • Definable security templates can be assigned to multiple users
  • User activity is saved and available for review

Bad Debt Integration

  • Unlimited collection agency support
  • Turn accounts to collections en masse or individually
  • All collection activity logged in agency-specific text files for export

Failsafe Online Backup

  • Minimal downtime
  • No need for daily tape changes
  • No expensive replacement tapes
  • More daily backups
  • Reduce repair costs
  • Known hosting costs
  • Flat monthly fee
  • Great primary or secondary backup plan

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