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Deciding on your User Size

Your user size is the single most important factor for calculating the cost of your Billworx 6 installation.  Your user size determines how many simultaneous users are allowed access to your system at a given time.

If you are unsure which of your users need to be Full users and how many should be Lite users, Click HERE to view the definitions for Billworx User Types.

Once you have an understanding for what each user type can accomplish, simply add up the total number of each type that will be logged on AT THE SAME TIME.  Remember that you will be able to configure an unlimited number of "user accounts", providing passwords and access privileges for as many people as you like.  However, your license will only allow so many of these people online at the same time.

If your installation is over 5 users in size you should seriously consider the advantages of our Enterprise package, while those under or near 5 users will be better served using Billworx Basic Hosted edition.

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