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What Purchase options do I have?

The following few pages will help you to understand the signup questions as well as explain some of the options available to you as a Billworx customer.  Please take as much time as needed to review these explanations or you can jump directly to the online order screen by clicking HERE.

User Size: This option will have the greatest impact on your costs, both setup fees as well as monthly maintenance fees.  Visit the 'Deciding User Size' page for information on available user types and user definitions to help you determine the number of Full and Lite users you will need. 

Installation Type: Your installation type describes whether you house and support your own Billworx 6 Server or whether Billworx hosts your installation over the internet. For more information on installation types, visit the 'Deciding Installation Type' page.  Please note that if your Full User size exceeds 5, you may be a candidate for Billworx 6: Enterprise Edition.

Support Level: With Billworx you have two support options; basic and premium.  The main difference in support levels is that basic is mostly via email while premium support is via the telephone.  For additional information and detailed descriptions of both support levels visist the 'Deciding Support Level' page.

Fail-Over Backup: Another option for our Enterprise customers to consider is whether you want to use Billworx' off-site Fail-Over Backup solution.  For details about this service please visit the 'Deciding on Fail-Over Backup' page.  This option will greatly increase the security of your Billworx 6 data and should be strongly considered.  Note that this option is included within the Basic Edition of Billworx 6.


After you have reviewed these pages you should be able to answer the few questions that will be asked on our online signup form.  However, if you have additional questions please feel free to Contact Us during regular business hours. 

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